We at Lanham Music take great pride in our lesson program.

We value the importance of music knowledge to society and want to provide lessons feasible for as many people as possible by having the most affordable program in the area ($20 per 30 minute lesson). 

There are thirteen separate teaching rooms in-store where students receive one on one instruction from some of the best instructors in St. Joseph.


Perks of Lanham Lessons

Instruments we teach include:


& more! Please call & ask us if your instrument is not listed here.

You can find a lesson time that works for you

Our instructors have access to our rooms every day of the week except Sunday (we are closed Sundays.) Just call us or come in to set up a lesson time that works for you, whether that is evenings or afternoons, or weekdays/weekends! Lesson times and availability do vary, so we will try our best to find a spot that works well for you.

Our teachers are qualified and caring

We hire qualified musicians in our area who enjoy teaching and teach students based on their current skill level. Whether the student is 8 or 80, our teachers learn how their students learn most effectively to develop an appropriate teaching course.

Your lesson time is your time slot every week 

Consistency is important when learning an instrument. When you sign up for lessons, your 30 minute slot is yours until you stop lessons or need a time slot change. For example, if you sign up for 5:00 p.m. on Mondays, you will come in every Monday at 5:00 p.m. for your lesson.

We are the most affordable lessons in the area 

Our lessons are only $18 per lesson (if you pay by the month). Lessons are $20 if you pay by the week.

Lanham's is in a convenient and central location 

We have a convenient and central location. We are close to many shops, restaurants, and grocery stores. Our address is 2401 North Belt Highway. If you have any trouble finding us, feel free to call (816) 233-5142. We are across from the giant pink ice cream cone, Eckards, and Natural Grocers.

We have a broad availability for lessons

Our store is open 10-8 Monday-Thursday, 10-6 Fridays, and 9-5 Saturdays. Our lesson rooms are open during all of these hours for our teachers to schedule lessons. The general lesson openings range from 3pm-8pm, but our teachers can set up specific times to suit your schedule. You can call and set up lessons, or you can stop by Lanham’s and we will be happy to discuss the openings with you.

We provide comfortable rooms and setup

Our 13 lesson rooms are located in the back of our store when you come in the door. We have recently added three large, brand new lesson rooms for drum lessons. We provide many comfortable chairs to sit in, a couch, and we have free wifi.

If requested, a parent can sit in on lessons

Often, parents ask if they can sit in with their child during their lessons. Feel free to ask your teacher how they can accommodate your needs.

We provide everything you need for lessons in our store 

If you have any questions about lesson instruments, accessories, or gear, you can ask our instructors or our staff for recommendations. We can give you ample assistance as you can shop for items you may need.

Meet our Teachers