Visual Sound Multi-Plug 5 Cable for One Spot Adapter

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Manufacturer Part #:  NWMC
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The Visual Sound 1 SPOT Multi Plug 5 Cable 5-plug daisy chain lets you power up to five pedals with your 1 SPOT power adapter. Not only does the 1 SPOT Multi Plug 5 Cable offer handy right-angle plugs, you also get over 12" between plugs for convenient pedal placement. Spring-loaded contacts in the input sockets maintain secure connections, and you can even link multiple Multi Plug 5 Cables together to power more effects! When you want to get the most out of your 1 SPOT adapter, pick up the 1 Spot Multi Plug 5 Cable.

Visual Sound 1 SPOT Multi Plug 5 Cable

  • Plug in up to five pedals
  • Right-angle plugs
  • Spring-loaded contacts for secure connections
  • Link multiple cables together to power even more pedals

The Visual Sound 1 SPOT Multi Plug 5 Cable gives you the flexibility and convenience you need to power your pedals your way!

Model: NWMC
Manufacturer: Visual Sound

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